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Breaded Cod, 800gr (Frozen)

Breaded Arctic Cod has been the favorite of Icelandic families for centuries.

You only need to fry the breaded Arctic Cod for few minutes on your frying pan with some butter and you will get authentic Icelandic food experience, wherever you are in the world.


Each box contains 800gr (28oz) of Breaded Arctic Cod

MSC - Certified sustainable seafood.

Fisherman is a responsible producer

Fisherman Iceland white fish is line-caught, that is more environmentally friendly and with a lower carbon footprint than trawler catches. The fishing grounds are at the doorstep of small local boats that use little oil for fishing. All fishing in Iceland is managed by a quota system that ensures our fishing does not affect the rights of future generations. All fish that come ashore are fully processed and leave no waste behind.

Westfjord is a unique fishing area with green sustainable villages. The cold water comes directly from the mountains, the electricity is hydroelectric powered by waterfalls and hot water is heated geothermally.

In our 20-year history we have been constantly working in improving how we deliver high quality fish to our customers, treat mother nature with respect and build up the society we live in. We are therefore proud to say that we are MSC certified

MSC certification confirms that our fish comes from a fishery that has been independently certified to the MSC´s standard for well-managed and sustainable fishery.

Nutrition in 100 g:
Energy:                            328kJ / 78kkal (78 cal)
Fat:                                    0,5 g (0.017 oz)
Saturated fat :                  0,1 g (0.003 oz)
Carbohydrate:                  0 g
of which sugar:                0 g
Fiber:                                0 g
Protein:                             18 g (0.63 oz)
Salt:                                  0,30 g (0.01 oz)

Allergy: Fish, gluten, egg

Icelandic Arctic Cod 80%, bread crumbs,( wheat,salt,spice, yeast), pasteurized eggs,wheat(wheat, flour treatment agents (E300)),salt, Vegetable extracts (salt, maltodextrin, starch,sugar,yeast, Vegetable 8,6%(Onion,carrots,leek), flavoring, carrot juice powder, spice)

Stored in a closed packaging in dry place in a freezer for 18 months.