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Yes, we are already selling frozen and smoked fish to countries both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. 

For sales in US please conact us at 
For sales in Europe please contact 

The Smartbox has been very popular due to its practical qualities. It has no icing.  You can easily seperate the pieces individually.  It is suitable box sizes for any freezers and it contains all fish from Westfjords, Iceland.  

About Fisherman

You can enjoy our village by staying at our hotel and book Seafood trail.  Our customized tour that tell you everything about our villages, community and fishing methods.  

We provide Icelandic high quality fish and seafood to clients on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean in full container loads or smaller quantity.

We can work with customers to source, develop and provide both frozen, smoked and canned fish or seafood, in our label or your own label.