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First-class seafood and an Icelandic experience

Fisherman has for two decades helped visitors to experience fish through tourism in the Westfjords in Iceland. It began with the tourists buying dry and canned fish which has now led Fisherman to produce a wide range of fish-related products for individuals, retail and restaurant markets in Iceland and around the world. The procedure is based on old Icelandic traditions, customs and experience.Most of Fisherman’s staff is raised in fishing villages in the Westfjords, where the history of fish production spans several hundred years. Experience, knowledge and handling of fish is therefore built into the society and culture of the company.

We all have a passion for fish and that’s why we say with pride, “WE LOVE FISH”.

Fisherman is a responsible producer

ASC and MSC certified

MSCcertification is a way of showing that a fishery meets international best practice for sustainable fishing

ASC ensures fish farms operate legally, conserve the environment and are socially responsible to their communities and employees.


Aðalsteinn Egill Traustason
Phone: +354 450 9000
Mobile: +354 855 0278

Langavík ehf.
Leggur og skel ehf.

Vsk. 88543
SSID: 6111050960
IBAN: IS61 0301 2600 7966 6111 0509 60

FDA: 18917913530
Mast: H062
ASC: ASC-C-03042
MSC: MSC-C-58495

Steinþór Bjarni Kristjánsson
Arnheiður Steinþórsdóttir
Tara Óðinsdóttir