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Fisherman is a responsible producer

It takes an Icelandic village to make quality seafood

Icelandic fish has the reputation of being among the best in the world and is savoured by chefs and food-lovers across the globe.  We at Fisherman believe the secret lies in the heritage and tradition of the small fishing villages.  Our staff is raised in fishing villages in the Westfjords where knowledge, respect and handling of fish is built into our society.

Fisherman is a responsible producer

In our 20-year history of operation we believe we have reached the point where we put sustainability at the heart of our corporate activities.  We are constantly working in improving how we treat the mother nature we respect so much and the society we live in.   We are therefor proud to say that we are ASC and MSC certified

ASC and MSC certified

MSC certification is a way of showing that a fishery meets international best practice for sustainable fishing. - ASC ensures fish farms operate legally, conserve the environment and are socially responsible to their communities and employees.

Fish has low Carbon Footprint compared to other food protein production

Iceland’s fishery fleet and its corresponding value chain is not excluded from contributing to global warming and the industry as a whole is therefore constantly searching for mitigating measures. Icelandic fisheries however deliver seafood with relatively low carbon footprint when compared with other food products.