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Smoked Arctic Char, 1kg - Fillet

Char, Dry salted and Birch smoked. Vacuum packed

We value purity, freshness and quality craftsmanship. Our traditional methods have been perfected over generations and never include any additives or preservatives. Every item is carefully prepared by hand to ensure the most authentic and satisfying culinary experience. 


SKU: 2143

Stored in a closed packaging in dry place in a freezer for 18 months. 

Fisherman is a responsible producer

Fisherman pink fish is farmed without antibiotics in harmony with nature. The fish is farmed in ice-cold high quality seawater that ensure slow grown fish that deliver firmer texture and better taste.

Westfjord is a unique fishing area with green sustainable villages. The cold water comes directly from the mountains, the electricity is hydroelectric powered by waterfalls and hot water is heated geothermally.

In our 20-year history we have been constantly working in improving how we deliver high quality fish to our customers, treat mother nature with respect and build up the society we live in. We are therefore proud to say that we are ASC certified

ASC certification ensures that fish farms operate legally, conserve the environment and are socially responsible to their communities and employees.

Nutrition in 100 g:
Energy:                884 kJ / 211 kkal
Fat:                         10,3 g (0.36oz)
Saturated fat :      1,8 g (0.07oz)
Carbohydrate:         0 g
of which sugar:        0 g
Fiber:                         0 g
Protein:                   29,6 g (1.04oz)
Salt:                        1,9  g (0.07oz)

Allergy: Fish

Smoked char (98%), salt (2%)

Stored in a closed packaging in dry place in a freezer for 18 months.