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Tartar sauce with capers 2 ltr (67.6 fl oz)

Packing:     2 liter container (67.6 fl oz)
SKU:            31011

Storage 3 months unopened - 14 days in cool place 1-3° after been opened. 

Nutrition in 100 g:

Energy:                   1570kJ /383 kkal ((375 cal)

Fat:                             36 g (1.2oz)

Saturated fat :         2,4 g (0.08oz)

Carbohydrate:          11 g (0.38oz)

of which sugar:         7,5 g (0.26oz)

Fiber:                         0,1 g (0.003oz)

Protein:                     2,1 g (0.07oz)

Salt:                          0,94 g (0.03oz)

Allergy: Gluten, Egg , mustard

Mayonnaise, rapeseed oil, egg yolk, water, seasoning,  mustard powder, vinegar, sugar,salt, preservatives (E211, E202)), Remopure (water, cauliflower, cabbage, sugar, vinegar, wheat, cucumber, mustard powder, onion, flavoring, seasoning, salt, transformed starch, pH adjustment (E509), natural flavoring (Cayenne  pepper), seasoning, coloring (E101, E141)), capers (3%) (caper, water, wine vinegar, Citric Acid E330, Potassium pyrosulfite (E202)), sugar, Potassium sorbate(E202, E211) lime juice (lime juice, potassium pyrosulfite (E224), salt

Storage 3 months unopened - 14 days in a cool place 1-3° after being opened.