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Fish Cakes, 1,8kg - Smartbox (Frozen)


Packing: 1.8 kg (63 oz)

SKU:        351

Storage 18 months.


Nutrition in 100 g:

Energy:            606kJ / 145 kkal (404 cal)

Fat:                     8,0 g (0.28 oz)

Saturated fat :   4,0 g (0.14 oz)

Carbohydrate:    9,9 g (0.34 oz)

of which sugar:  1,1 g (0.03 oz)

Fiber:                   1,1 g (0.03 oz)

Protein:               7,6 g (0.26 oz)

Salt:                   0,49 g (0.017 oz)


Allergy: Fish, milk, egg, celery

Icelandic Arctic Cod (58%), Milk, onion, wheat, potatoflour, butter (cream, salt) eggs, vegetable oil (rapeseed, sunflower and grape seed oil, coriander essential oil, vitamin D), vegetable power (salt, maltodextrin, starch, yeast, vegetables (onion, carrots, leeks) , flavoring, carrot juice, spices), pepper.


Stored in a closed packaging in dry place in a freezer for 18 months.