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FISHERMAN is a passionate foodie that loves to meet and greet people from all over the world and give them an authentic seafood experience. 

FISHERMAN operates in an environmentally friendly fishing village at the edge of the Arctic Circle in Westfjords Iceland with its rich fishing grounds. Fishing methods include long-lines and hand-lines and most of the catch is processed as soon as it is landed, in the village´s fish processing plant.

FISHERMAN produces, and sells seafood in retail: fresh seafood, frozen seafood, cooked fish, dry fish and canned fish.

FISHERMAN is a destination where guest can stay at our hotel, taste seafood and learn why Iceland’s first class export product can be on your domestic dinner plate just 36 hours after leaving the ice-cold Atlantic Ocean water.

Elías Guðmundsson
Phone: +354 450 9000
Mobile: +354 862 6200

Nostalgia ehf.
Solomio ehf.

Vsk. 88543
SSID: 6111050960
IBAN: IS61 0301 2600 7966 6111 0509 60

Eggert Dagbjartsson
Björg Bergsveinsdóttir
Arnar Már Snorrason

Plokkfiskur is one of Iceland’s oldest delicacies, with every Icelander having fond childhood memories of. It is in fact simple. Use delicious bits of fresh white fish, mash it together with steaming-hot potatoes and a bit of butter and milk, season to taste, and you’re good to go.

Fish tongue is in fact "cod" tongues, quite commonly eaten in Newfoundland and Scandinavia. The “cod tongue” is actually a somewhat gelatinous Y-shaped morsel of flesh from the jaw or throat area of the cod. It has a succulent, soft centre and a delicious meaty taste.