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Horseradish Sauce 2 ltr (67.6 fl oz)

Packing:        2 liter container (67.6 fl oz)
SKU:               31013

Storage 3 months unopened - 14 days in cool place 1-3° after been opened.

Nutrition in 100 g:

Energy:                    1607kJ /390 kkal ( 384cal)

Fat:                                39 g (1.37oz)

Saturated fat :             4,7 g (0.16oz)

Carbohydrate:             3,8 g (0.13oz)

of which sugar:            2,7 g (0.09oz)

Fiber:                             0,0 g

Protein:                         4,7 g (0.16oz)

Salt:                              1,13 g (0.04oz)

Allergy: Egg, milk, mustard

Mayonnaise, rapeseed oil, egg yolk, water, seasoning,  mustard powder, vinegar, sugar,salt, preservatives (E211, E202)), Greek yogurt, horseradish paste (13%) (horseradish, rapeseed oil, Citric acid E330), Sodium metabisulphite (E223)), salt, lemon juice, (lemon jucie, potassium pyrosulfite (E224), preservatives (E202, E211)

Storage 3 months unopened - 14 days in a cool place 1-3° after being opened.